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Our cleaning company has made workplace safety a real focus, considering it not just an obligation but an important moral and social value. Investment, interest and information on safety are fundamental to our activities. Because of this, we can boast an almost zero number of accidents and illnesses. All our materials, wherever possible, are Eco compatible in terms of respecting the environment and have low chemical risk. Our machines and other equipment in our cleaning company are modern and regularly maintained, in accordance with regulation 81/2008 and allow us to work according to best practice and with the required level of safety. On the same note, our staff, for the duration of the cleaning service, wear suitable work attire with relevant personal protective equipment and have their identification cards properly displayed.

For the greater protection of our Clients, our cleaning company has civil liability insurance cover and undertakes to keep it in force for the entire duration of the relationship.

We have to ask of our Clients the same commitment in relation to safety at work, both for the protection of persons within the working environment and to promote the spread of a culture which gives top priority to protecting people.

The workforce employed for the Cleaning Services complies with requirements in relation to recruitment, contributions and all insurances required by law and their suitability and correct behaviour are guaranteed.