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Reducing the quantity of waste produced, and reducing the use of hazardous substances, are the founding principles of Six Lands, a business which looks to the future and intends to safeguard the vast environmental and cultural inheritance of our nation, in the name of eco-sustainable development.

In our modern society, businesses and the population are producing substantial quantities of often hazardous and harmful waste, which is recycled or disposed of in landfill sites. The challenge of correct waste management is surely one of the most important issues for protecting the environment, health and, in general terms, for the health and safety of the human habitat. Particular attention is now being paid to limiting the production of waste: our company is careful to provide containers for separate collection, as well as hygiene/ sanitary materials produced from recycled paper.

On these lines, our cleaning company has committed to reducing the use of harmful substances. For this reason, in performing its services, Six Lands utilises products with the Ecolabel, the ecological mark of the European Union which identifies products which have a lower environmental impact. Ecolabel is one of its preferred tools for developing a sustainable purchasing policy, and is adopted in both the public and the private sectors.