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Is the cost in the estimate just proportional to the area of the premises to be cleaned?

No, it depends on other factors, such as the quantity of furnishings and equipment present, the number of persons present, the level of tidiness, etc.

Will it be necessary to view our offices in order to get an estimate of costs?

Yes. One of our technical staff will be at your disposal to make an accurate assessment of the cost, at no cost and without obligation.

Will it be necessary to hand over copies of the keys to the premises to be cleaned?

No, it is not strictly necessary but, to achieve a better result, it helps if our staff can work when the premises are empty. Upon request, our company can provide excellent references.

Do you always send the same staff to perform the service?

Generally yes, to obtain the best possible result and ensure the security of the premises. All our personnel are properly employed.

Do you supply the detergents and equipment to perform the services?

Yes, our staff are only authorised to use our products and our equipment, in accordance with workplace safety legislation.

Is sorting waste your responsibility?

No, sorted waste collection is the responsibility of the client. Our cleaning company will collect the sorted bags of waste from the client’s premises and transport them to the refuse collection point for the condominium.

Can you also supply us with consumables such a toilet paper, towels, soap dispensers, refuse containers etc?

Yes, in addition to its cleaning services, our company also offers for sale all consumables relating to the hygiene and waste sector.

Do you also provide a laundry service?

Yes, we offer a laundry service exclusively to clients who are already registered for our cleaning service. The service also includes collecting the items from home and returning them.

But when our concierge goes on holiday, will you also collect our post?

By special request, we can supply a substitute concierge who will be able to collect both ordinary post and signed-for items, but the latter will require written authorisation from the condominium residents or the administrator.

Where do you operate?

We operate mainly in the Province of Milan area and across Lombardy.

For all other requests, fill in the form on the Estimates page.