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Disinfection Rodent Control and Disinfestation

To complement the range of services available to our Clients, we also perform these services:

Disinfection: activities relating to a set of procedures and operations aimed at making identified confined environments and relevant areas hygienic by destroying or deactivating pathogenic microorganisms, especially in surgeries, hospitals and clinics.

Disinfestation: activities intended to destroy small animals, especially arthropods, either because they are parasites, disease carriers or hosts for infectious agents or are causing annoyance, and unwanted vegetal species. Disinfestation may be ‘all-inclusive’ if directed at all infesting species or ‘targeted’ if directed at individual species.

Rodent control:activities resulting in the total eradication or reduction in numbers of the population of rats and mice below a certain threshold.

Sanitisation, activities relating to a set of procedures and operations aimed at making specific environments hygienic by cleaning operations and / or disinfection and / or disinfestation or by monitoring and improving microclimate conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and ventilation or in relation to lighting and noise.

Plus: Supply and application of bird-deterrents (using ultrasound, acoustic and visual methods), supply of rodent poison, insecticides, anti-parasitics.

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